December Customer of the Month…Water Works Plumbing OKC!

Water Works Plumbing (Oklahoma City, OK)



By: Jetters Northwest


With Christmas right around the corner we begin to stimulate the economy by purchasing gifts for our loved ones, so we figured…why not do the same for our customers? Although our gifts might not be in monetary form initially, they do come in the form of quality jetting equipment backed by great service, profit growth for your company and a sincere appreciation for all of our customers. For December 2014, we chose to feature John Johnson of Water Works Plumbing in Oklahoma City as our Jetters Northwest Customer of the Month!


Established in 1992, John Johnson began to build the brand that is Water Works Plumbing and Jetters Northwest is proud to have become a part of his success. For John, slow growth was the key ingredient in building the proper foundation for Water Works Plumbing. The Eagle 200 trailer jetter by Jetters Northwest has given Water Works Plumbing the ability to take on larger jobs all while maintaining less labor intensive methods. Don’t take our word for it; see what our customers have to say.


Water Works Arsenal:                                                                                              

The Eagle 200 Trailer Jetter by Jetters Northwest.

The Eagle 200 Trailer Jetter by Jetters Northwest.

Eagle 200 trailer jetter (200 gal. water tank)



300’ of ½” jetting hose

12v rewind reel

Dolly mounted hose reel 200’ of 3/8” jetting hose

3/8” warthog nozzle



John kindly took a few minutes to answer our Q&A, below is his response:



Please give an overview of your company, i.e. Date established, growth pattern, service niches, type of work, philosophy or mission statement, vision for the future etc.?


John: Established 1992.  Plumbing repair and remodel only.  No new construction.  Slow growth starting as a one-man-shop to 3-5 truck range.  Specialize in pipe bursting sewer replacements.  Still perform all other types of residential and commercial service.  Focused on net dollar growth rather than number of trucks growth.  “We won’t quit till your water works.”  Continue to provide quality of life improvements for our customers and employees while strengthening our company as a whole.


Please summarize your search for a jetter, i.e. your situation, wants, needs, etc.?


John: Spent 6 months or more shopping and asking other contractors for feedback.  Test drove Spartan trailer jetter.  Needed to be able to work small residential lines up to 6″ clay commercial lines with heavy root intrusion.  Initially thought the Brute would fit the bill but the lack of water storage worried me.  Decided on the Eagle 200.  Seemed like the perfect balance of features per dollar.


What similar equipment had you already owned?


John: No previous jetter.


How did you first hear about Jetters Northwest?


John: Referred by several other contractors that have been very happy with the Brute and with JNW service after the sale.


What were the major factor(s) in choosing Jetters Northwest?


John: Specs vs. price; technical knowledge of the sales people involved; salesperson honest about their limitations; recommendations from other contractors


How has your Jetters Northwest equipment changed/improved your business?

Water Works Plumbing OKC featured in Cleaner Magazine June 2014.

Water Works Plumbing OKC featured in Cleaner Magazine June 2014. Click the image to read the article


John: Opened the door to higher revenue jobs we would have otherwise passed on.  Provide less labor intensive method for drain maintenance we were already performing.


What has been the key to the success/growth of your business?


John: Being willing to change and advance in techniques and equipment (cameras, locators, pipe bursting, hydro jetting, etc.).  Search out opportunities to learn from everyone and everything.  Find mentors, AND follow their advice.  Surround myself with people smarter than me…starting with my wife, Donna.


What makes your business/service different from others in the industry?


John: Our insistence on solving every problem and making everyone better off for being in contact with our company and employees.


What is most important to you in choosing a vendor or service provider for your business?


John: Dependability and capability.  (Not always in that order)


How has your overall experience been with Jetters Northwest?


John: They get me what I need, when I need it, every time I call.


Thanks John Johnson for taking the time to share your success story with Jetters Northwest.  We sincerely appreciate all of our customers and love to hear about how Jetters Northwest has helped the growth of your business!



Happy Jetting!

John McBride, Steve Jones and the Jetters Northwest Team

Jetters Northwest



If you are a current customer of Jetters Northwest and would like to be featured as a future Customer of the Month, please call 877-901-1936 or  email info@jettersnorthwest.com