November Customer of the Month…Andersen Plumbing and Heating!

The Brute water jetter by Jetters Northwest has given Andersen Plumbing and Drain Cleaning the ability to unclog any drainline, quickly and efficiently. (Photo courtesy of Chad Andersen)

The Big Brute propane cart jetter by Jetters Northwest has given Andersen Plumbing and Drain Cleaning the ability to unclog any drainline, quickly and efficiently. (Photo courtesy of Chad Andersen)

Customer of the Month November 2014

Andersen Plumbing and Heating (North Aurora, IL.)                                                                                                                     
By: Jetters Northwest

Here at Jetters Northwest, our customers are our priority!  Our growth and success as a manufacturer are a direct reflection of that of our customers.  Jetters Northwest wanted to find a way to say thank you and what better way than to feature them on our website via the Customer of the Month Blog.  Why toot our own horn?  The proof is in the pudding.   We love to brag…about our customers!

For the Month of November 2014, we caught up with Chad Andersen of Andersen Plumbing and Heating and were able to ask him a series of questions regarding the growth and direction of his company.

Andersen Plumbing & Heating Inc. formerly Johannessen Plumbing & Heating has been a mainstay in the plumbing community for over 25 years. Started as a family business, Chad Andersen acquired the business in 2011 after having worked for the family since 2006. Andersen Plumbing specializes in quality service plumbing at affordable prices. Based out of North Aurora, Illinois, Andersen Plumbing and Heating has made a name for themselves by offering realistic solutions and expert knowledge for their customers.

Chad was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions, the following is his response to the Jetters Northwest Q&A:

Jetters Northwest

Please give an overview of your company, i.e. Date established, growth pattern, service niches, type of work, philosophy or mission statement, vision for the future etc.?

Chad: “Our goal is to be a one stop shop for service type plumbing and drain cleaning.   Many plumbers in my area don’t offer good solutions when it comes to drain cleaning mainly due to their equipment and knowledge.  Many try to dig a sewer way too soon.    We try to provide alternative solutions that save our customers money.” 

Jetters Northwest:  

Can you please summarize your search for a jetter, i.e. your situation, wants, needs, etc.?

Chad:  “I wanted something compact, powerful, reliable and affordable.   I wanted a cart Jetter that could be run indoors safely, that had the power of my competitions trailer jetters.  Mine gives up a little power, but makes up for it in mobility and size.”

Jetters Northwest:   

What similar equipment had you already owned?

Chad:  “I previously didn’t own any jetting equipment.”

Jetters Northwest:  

How did you first hear about Jetters Northwest?

Chad:  “Jake Saltzman, he was a customer and highly recommended you guys and the Brute cart.”

Jetters Northwest:  

What were the major factor(s) in choosing Jetters Northwest? 

Chad:  “Equipment- power, size, price, reputation.   Their equipment seemed to meet most if not all the criteria I was looking for.”

Jetters Northwest:  

How has your Jetters Northwest equipment changed/improved your business?

Chad:  “Yes!  The addition of a Jetter opened up a whole new level of service.   We were able to take on bigger jobs, do the work more efficiently and do a better job.”

Jetters Northwest

What has been the key to the success/growth of your business?

Chad:  “Good equipment, good help, and the ability to take on pretty much any drain call that comes in under 12″ pipe.”

Jetters Northwest:  

What makes your business/service different from others in the industry?

Chad:  “My business is owner operated, I know my equipment well, know what works and I’m not afraid to buy new equipment that makes the job better, faster, and easier.”

 Jetters Northwest:  

What is most important to you in choosing a vendor or service provider for your business?

Chad:  “Customer service!  I shopped around with a few different manufacturers and none of them took quite as much time as JNW to answer my questions and help with my selection.”

Jetters Northwest

How has your overall experience been with Jetters Northwest?

Chad:  “Excellent.  I have called on JNW a couple times for parts and help and they have always come through!”

It’s customers Like Chad Andersen that have allowed Jetters Northwest the opportunity to be where we are at today!  Thanks Chad for allowing Jetters Northwest the opportunity to be a part of the success and growth of Andersen Plumbing and Heating and we look forward to servicing you and customers like you for generations to come.  For Chad Andersen and all Jetters Northwest customers, we truly appreciate your business!

Happy Jetting!

John McBride, Steve Jones and the Jetters Northwest Team

Jetters Northwest


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