Trailer Jetters, Cart Jetters, and Compact Skid Jetters…Needs Versus Wants! (Part 2 of 3)

Trailer Jetters, Cart Jetters, and Compact Skid Jetters…Needs Versus Wants!  (Part 2 of 3)

Author: John McBride

Trailer Jetters: OK, now you’re getting serious about jetting! (at least that’s what your customers think) trailer jetters are impressive to clients and can become part of your companies image. They can carry water to and from jobs, if water isn’t readily available or to appear “less intrusive” on your customers utilities, and when it’s parked outside the customer big or small knows they hired the “right guy.” Of course, image and perception aren’t the only benefits to a trailer mounted jetter…

Other Pros of Trailer Jetters: 1) They are powerful!  A typical contractor model starts where carts leave off with a minimum of 8-9 GPM at 4000 PSI and up to 18 or even 25 GPM. Larger flows are more common with municipalities and sewer districts. 2) The higher GPM opens you up to a whole new world of tools to make the toughest jobs easy. Many of the industry’s most useful tools are not available for jetters under 12 GPM. 3) A trailer jetter can be brought to the job with different vehicles and by different operators. It can be pulled with your general service van or even with an unmarked truck to subcontract to other contractors.

Cons of trailer jetters: 1) Well…they’re on a trailer! Backing up, parking, and positioning for the job can be difficult in some areas, even if you are proficient at towing, some states even have special laws about where you can drive. 2) In many cases you have to work farther away from your jetters’ controls, using remote flow controls or having two people on site is often necessary. 3) It takes up space in your shop or yard, and if indoor heated space is not available it will need freeze protection in winter…(Part 2 of 3)

John McBride

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