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Here at Jetters Northwest we measure our success by the growth and success of our customers.  Because of this, it only makes sense to pass on any expert knowledge we might have to our customers, whether its equipment maintenance or marketing advice, in order to grow together.  This blog specifically focuses on web based marketing for small businesses with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In a time when technology moves faster than the speed of light and search engine parameters have become less quantifiable…how can small business break through the clutter?  SEO has become a must for almost any business. Google is not the only search engine out there, but it does make up about 70% of online searches, so this will be my focus for this blog.  Online search has become the number one source for all customers to find products and/or services.  SEO has become the foundation in modern marketing.  In this blog post I will take you through the basic essentials of web based marketing.

Website Marketing ConceptSEO is not what it used to be.  The old practice of back links and keyword stuffing are exactly that, old!  These practices are now frowned upon and may get your businesses site blacklisted for good (This is bad).   This brings up certain questions like…How does this affect you and your small business and, where do we go from here?

Find a trustworthy SEO Expert.  The best way to start is by talking about whom not to hire.  Stay far away from soliciting phone calls and/or Emails in which a company claims they can put you in the top 3 organic listings instantly.  While this isn’t totally untrue, it is misleading, as they will use less important keywords to do so.  The best way to find a proven SEO expert is through word of mouth.  Talk to other businesses that have received proven results from their SEO expert and do your research.  This is a valuable investment for your company and done wrong, could be a big waste of time and money.

Know your industry keywords.  If you don’t already have a good sense of valuable industry keywords it would be a good time to find an SEO expert and give them an insight to your industry so they may do research to find important keywords.    This will now give you a foundational direction with your marketing efforts.

Content, content, content!  Did I mention content?  Your SEO expert is not an easy button; it will take some work on your part as well.  Your next step is to provide ORIGINAL and USEFUL content.  If done ethically, results can take 6+ months. This can be done via fresh web content, whether it’s on your site, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or blog.  Don’t just sell!  In fact, only about 20% of your posts should be about “the sell,” 30% product and/or industry news and 50% unrelated current events.  Sounds crazy, I know, but the majority of customers are much more receptive to engaging and relevant topics rather than “hey, buy my product or services!”   The key to being successful in this endeavor is CONSISTENCY.  I’m sure you get the point.

Other Marketing Tools.  Tools such as E-mail Marketing (Newsletters/sales/Info.), Trade Publications and good old-fashioned print ads (Newspaper/Mailers) can be extremely useful in conjunction with your content push, just make sure your message is consistent.  These tools must back up your Web content message. Because we are mainly focusing on SEO and web presence, we will not delve into further options at this time.

Are You Kidding Me? Time versus Money…  I know what you are thinking; we are a small business, we don’t have the time to do all of this work!  This is where one evaluates the needs of their business. Are we marketing local, national, or international?  Who is our target group?  Is it worth paying another company to push this content (There is a trust factor here as well)?   My point is that there are plenty of options available to take the burden off of your shoulders, which allows you more time to manage your business.

Keep in mind; this blog is a snapshot for small businesses with no marketing presence.  These are things that I have picked up along the way and enjoy passing on to our customers, because your success is our success!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Jetting!


Cole Childers

Sales and Marketing

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