BRUTE Mountable Van-Skid Jetter

Mountable Van-Skid Jetter

BRUTE Mountable Van-Skid Jetter

Mountable Gas-Powered* Jetters

 2 models available:

9-GPM 4000-PSI (‘4009’) or
 12-GPM 3000-PSI (‘3012’)

*Optional Propane-Fueled Engines


    Controls Jetting On/Off,  Engine On/Throttle/Off


    All Controls for safe operation are Panel Mounted just below the Hose-Reel 


    Modular Design for easy “SKID” mounting in your Van/Truck/Trailer, or we can add wheels for portability


    Water-Tank Skid separate to allow for mounting-versatility; 100/150/200gal tank-sizes available (or provide your own)

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Specs and Features

All Controls are conveniently Panel-Mounted below the Hose-Reel for efficient operation:

Engine Key-Switch and Engine-Throttle are located on panel, near the Jetting controls

Adjustable Pressure Regulator: provides a wide range of adjustment and enables the use of Mini-Hoses, Foot-Pedals, etc.

Pressure-Gauge (liquid-filled) on the panel shows working pressure

Pulsation-Control on panel adjusts from light vibration to full pulse mode

3-Way Jetting-Control Valves (Wireless or Manual): directs water to the cleaning-nozzle OR dumps pressure by bypassing water back to the tank, keeping the pump cool

Engine Hour-Meter / Tachometer: helps track maintenance intervals, & shows engine RPM while running

Compact/ Modular Design can be configured several ways for best use of space in your van/trailer

Welded Steel Roll Cage Frame with Powder-Coated finish

12-volt Powered Hose Reel, Heavy-Duty A-Frame style (optional Adjustable Reel-Speed)

300-feet of Premium Jetting-Hose, Made in USA (400’ optional)

3 Modular Water-Tank Skid Packages to choose from: 100gallon150gal., or 200gal. options

12-Gallon Antifreeze Reservoir built in (or use as Inlet-Water “Buffer” tank with internal Float Valve)

Fuel-Injected OHV Gas Engines (or optional 25-HP Propane-fueled-reduces PSI by -500)

4-Nozzle Set included: Penetrator, Rotator, Pusher, Flusher

UDOR “Super-Duty” Triplex Plunger Pump

5-Gallon Fuel Tank, CARB/EPA approved

Also Includes: Safety Nozzle Extension, Accessory-Adapter and Orifice-Cleaner tool

Dry Weight under 500lbs.

Van-Skid Jetter Dimensions: 45” L x 31” W x 41” H

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Includes internal Float-Valve to stop water-in when full, Hoses/Fittings for easy connection to the Brute Jetter



Options Include:

      • Wireless Remote-Control
      • Choose Mountable-Skid or add aWheel & Brake-Kit for portability
      • Choose 12-GPM/3000-PSI (3012 model) or 9-GPM/4000-PSI (4009 model)
      • Choose from these 3 Hose-Reel types: (a) Hand-Crank Rewind, (b) 12-Volt Power-Rewind, or (c) 12-Volt Multi-Speed Power-Wind with Forward/Reverse Control
      • Larger Water tanks to increase available water storage (Mountable or Portable tanks)
      • Portable “Satellite” Hose-Reels for Remote / Indoor Jetting
      • Mini-Hoses and small-drain Jetting-Kits
      • Foot-Pedal Valves for Remote Jetting-Flow Control
      • Root-Cutting and Grease-Clearing Nozzle-Heads available; WARTHOG, Grease-Hog, RootRanger, TurboChain, Jackhammer, Chisel, and many more
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      Water Tank-Skid Packages

      Complete your mounted Brute Jetter package with one of our standard tank options. Tank/Skid Packages include:

            • Water tank with Jetter Supply and Return fittings, Garden hose fill inlet with float style shutoff valve.
            • Hose connection kit (6ft. Suction Hose – 10ft. Return Hose) Shutoff valve and fittings for different configuration types.
            • Powder-coated Steel support frame for secure mounting to your truck, van or trailer.

      Choose between 100, 150 or 200 Gallon tanks to increase water capacity. Also allows your Brutes’ on-board tank to be used for anti-freeze during winter!

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      Detailed Specs

      12-GPM/3000-PSI model; comes with 300 feet of 1/2″ ID Jetting-Hose

      9-GPM/4000-PSI model; comes with 300 feet of 3/8” ID Jetting-Hose

      Control Panel:

      Located conveniently below the hose reel, our Control-Panel contains all controls for jetter operation, including Engine start/stop, engine throttle, hour meter, pressure adjustment, flow on/off, adjustable pulsation control, and pressure gauge.


      Kohler Engine with 3-Year Factory Warranty

                            • V-Twin Cylinder Engine; Powerful and Reliable
                            • Electronic Fuel Injection (no choke needed)
                            • Electric Key-Starter (battery included)
                            • Fuel Efficient Overhead Valve Design (OHV)
                            • 0 HP @ 3600 RPM, 720cc displacement
                            • Pressurized Lubrication with Filter
                            • Smooth and Quiet Operation
                            • Oil Capacity 52oz.

      Super-Duty Pump:

      UDOR Super-Duty G-Series Pumps with 5-Year Factory Warranty

                            • Forged Brass Manifold with Stainless-Steel Valve-Covers
                            • Triplex design with Solid Ceramic Plungers
                            • Long-Life High-Pressure Seals; “U”-Shaped
                            • Stainless Steel Check Valves
                            • High-Strength Bronze Connecting Rods
                            • Large Capacity Oil Bath Crankcase (40oz. Capacity) with Visual Oil-Level Sight Gauge
                            • Heat Treated Crankshaft with Tapered Roller Bearings

       Roll-Cage Frame:

      NEW Modular Frame Design can be configured for use as a Portable Jetter or as a compact Mountable-Skid Jetter; either option you choose can be changed later as your needs change.

                            • Fully Welded Steel Construction
                            • Durable Powder-Coat Finish
                            • Brushed Stainless-Steel Control Panel
                            • Brushed Stainless-Steel Drip-Deflector Plate under the Jetting Reel
                            • Integral Lifting Point for use with boom-lift or crane
                            • Mountable-Skid models feature Integral Mounting Slots, and an Exhaust-Diverter
                            • Portable 4-Wheel models feature Folding Handles with rubber grip, 13” Pneumatic Tires with Steel Wheel-Bearings on 3/4” Solid Axles, and a secure foot-operated Wheel-Brake.

      Heavy-Duty Hose Reel:

      Quality CoxReels Hose Reel with 2-Year Factory Warranty

                            • All Welded Steel A-Frame Construction
                            • Exclusive low profile outlet riser & open drum slot design for flat smooth hose wrap
                            • Permanently lubricated self-aligning pillow block bearings for trouble-free & smooth rotation
                            • Adjustable tension brake to prevent “free-wheeling” during operation (Hand rewind models only)
                            • 5000-PSI rated Hose Reel Super Swivel with grease-fitting
                            • Locking Pin to secure reel from rotation during transport or storage (Hand rewind models only)
                            • Optional 12-Volt Power-Rewind; choose either (a) Single-Speed Push-Button, or (b) Multi-Speed with Forward/Reverse Control

      Jetting Hose:

      Our Jetting Hoses are made in the USA using the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards:

                            • 3/8” Jetting Hose (4009 models)
                            • Hi-Visibility Green Color with Bonded Construction
                            • 4,000-PSI Working-Pressure / 10,000-PSI Burst rated
                            • Polyester Braided reinforcement
                            • Proprietary Urethane Blend Cover (“Tuff-Skin”)
                            • Low Coefficient of Friction
                            • Excellent Cut, Gouge and Abrasion Resistance
                            • Slim Profile and Light Weight
                            • Flexible and Kink-Resistant
                            • Polyester Elastomer Inner Tube
                            • 1/2″ Jetting Hose (3012 models)
                            • Hi-Visibility Green Color with Bonded Construction
                            • 4,000-PSI Working-Pressure / 16,000-PSI Burst rated
                            • Aramid (Kevlar) Braided reinforcement
                            • Proprietary Urethane Blend Cover (“Tuff-Skin”)
                            • Low Coefficient of Friction
                            • Excellent Cut, Gouge and Abrasion Resistance
                            • Slim Profile and Light Weight
                            • Flexible and Kink-Resistant
                            • Polyester Elastomer Inner Tube

      12 Gallon Water Tank:

      Suitable for use as a “Buffer Tank” and/or an Antifreeze reservoir

                            • Jetter can draw from this on-board tank, or be supplied by a separate/larger water tank for increased capacity. (Optional larger Water Tanks available)
                            • Float-Valve Water-Level Control
                            • Polyethylene Plastic Construction is corrosion-free
                            • Durable Thick-Wall construction
                            • Installed “spin-weld” Fittings
                            • 6” Threaded Cap

      Fuel Tank:

                            • CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EPA Compliant tank
                            • Meets Low-Permeation standards
                            • Carbon Absorption Canister scrubs off vented fumes and returns them to the engines intake (vents fumes only under pressure)

       Nozzle Kit:

      4-Nozzle Set includes the following:

                            • Penetrator Nozzle (1 Forward-jet & 4 Rear-Jets, shallow-angled) for clogs, & cleaning
                            • Flusher Nozzle (6 Rear-jets, wide-angled) for max pulling-power, flushing, & cleaning
                            • Pusher Nozzle (3-f. x 6-R.); max forward-blasting for clogs, pushing debris, de-icing, etc.
                            • Rotator (Spinner) Nozzle (2-R.); Jets rotate at high speed for removing sloppy grease, loose scale, and general polishing / finishing of the pipe
                            • Tip Cleaner
                            • Storage Box
                            • Safety Nozzle-Extension: for use in larger pipes to resist nozzle turn-around
                            • Tool and Accessory Adapter

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